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                     History of the Church of Christ - part 2.
Among the branches of this early church there were four which developed in Illinois during Joseph's life-time, viz., at Bloomington, Crow Creek, Half Moon Prairie and Eagle Creek; also one at Vermillion, Indiana.

Elder David Judy was ordained in 1831, Jedidiah Owen in 1832, Zebulon Adams in 1833. These with many others became identified with those branches, which, in 1863 amalgamated under the leadership of Elder Granville Hedrick. Hedrick was baptized and ordained by Elder Hervey Green in 1843, and was set apart as the presiding elder of the Crow Creek branch in April 1857.

In June following, John E. Page, one of the Twelve during Joseph's life-time, attended that conference held by these scattered groups, investigating their claims. He had become disaffected with the Church as it had been in Nauvoo, Illinois, even as had many others, including Emma Smith, the widow of Joseph Smith, and his eldest son, Joseph.

The reasons for this disaffection by Page and those branches (which became known as the Woodford County saints), were principally the doctrines of baptism for the dead, and polygamy.

In a conference held at Crow Creek (Hedrick's home) in Nov. 1862, Page united with that body. At the next conference in May 1863 he ordained Hedrick, Judy, Owen and Adna C. Haldeman to the office of Apostle; this made a total of five apostles.

It was proposed to ordain someone as president of the High Priesthood at a July 1863 conference, and Page nominated Hedrick. After a general agreement, Page, in company with the other apostles, ordained Hedrick to the office of the first Presidency over the high priesthood and the Church, "to be a prophet, seer, revelator and translator to the Church of Christ".